Running in Ahmedabad – Sabarmati Riverfront

It was day 1 of our 15-day Mumbai–Rajasthan road trip. Our planned overnight stay was at Palanpur, Gujarat, a good 2.5 hours drive from Ahmedabad. But like in any trips, some things had to go wrong. Most often, such twists end up being good.

The construction of a mega-bridge over the Narmada at Baruch meant a huge traffic snarl and a loss of more than 2 hours. So plans were redrawn and overnight halt became Ahmedabad. A good deal from Makemytrip and the prospect of a riverfront hotel landed us in LemonTree. We had heard a lot about Sabarmati Riverfront project, so planning for the evening became easier.

TravelWithaCouple.Com Ahmedabad Sabarmati Riverfront

TravelWithaCouple.Com Ahmedabad Sabarmati Riverfront

Though in many parts, it is work-in-progress, Sabarmati Riverfront project is truly ambitious considering the state of our cities by the river. It is quite an attraction and hopefully will turn out to be a successful model for other cities to adopt. Wide and well-lit promenade at two levels, cycle tracks, cycle docks, sitting areas, small gardens, and the like, make it very interesting.

TravelWithaCouple.Com Ahmedabad Sabarmati Riverfront

And not to mention, an ideal place for running. Once completed, the promenade runs about 11.5 km. And that makes it a half-marathon if you do a two-way run.

TravelWithaCouple.Com Ahmedabad Sabarmati Riverfront

More about Sabarmati Riverfront here and here.


  1. nadia

    Hi Bindhu & Unny! This Sabarmati Riverfront project is almost like the ones we have here in the UAE. Nice to see such projects coming up in India. I hope they adapt the same concept in Hyderabad as well. Have a good day! 

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