“You Are Most Welcome to Visit Our Kitchen”

Have you ever been welcomed in a restaurant by a board that says “You are most welcome to visit our kitchen”? Perhaps, never.

However, the Green Leafís restaurant in Kottayam, Kerala, is proud to welcome you to its kitchen. And the entry is not just restricted to the kitchen. The neatly maintained storeroom also is open to the curious diners. Not a fancy or fine-dining one, but Green Leafís serves hygienic food, prepared using quality materials.

Greenleaf Restaurant, Kottayam, Kerala

An open invitation

After a tasty dinner, we decided to accept the invitation to visit the kitchen. Seeing our interest, the owner Mr Biju came forward and took us to the kitchen as well as the storeroom. Shelves lined with spices and other ingredients from well-known brands reinforced our confidence in Green Leafís policy.

Greenleaf Restaurant, Kottayam, Kerala

The first kitchen

Greenleaf Restaurant, Kottayam, Kerala
The story becomes more interesting as Biju shared the story of his trials and tribulations before achieving todayís success. A chit fund owner in his youth, Bjiu had to deal with angry customers when he lost the money collected and was unable to return it. Laden with debts, he started a juice stall in Kottayam railway station. Fresh juice was not in vogue yet and the juice stall became a huge hit.
Greenleaf Restaurant, Kottayam, Kerala

The main kitchen

Then came a positive twist to the story. A passenger from Kolkata on his way to Thiruvananthapuram got down at Kottayam station and had a juice from Bijuís stall. Before he could collect the change for Rs 100 (not a small amount at that time), the train started moving and he had to rush. After reaching Thiruvananthapuram, the passenger sent a postcard stating his address and requesting to send the balance amount. On receiving the card, Biju sent the money and forgot about it. The passenger was so impressed by the honesty that he informed the local press about it. Malayala Manorama daily picked up this news and published it. And Biju was felicitated by the district collector and police department. Thus, the juice stall became famous not just for the juice but for its honest owner as well. With the profit from the stall, Biju paid off all the debts.

Greenleaf Restaurant, Kottayam, Kerala

Display of spices and other products

Greenleaf Restaurant, Kottayam, Kerala

Biju posing for a shot inside the store room

Now that he became known for his honesty, Biju didnít have a choice but to remain honest (he adds light-heartedly). So he brings honesty to his latest venture too.

We wouldnít rate the food awesome but it is certainly tasty, and considering the efforts to use quality products and maintain hygiene, it is definitely good for you.


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